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Homecoming 2K17 Forecast

By Kelly Camarote Greathouse

Preparations are underway at JJones Evening Wear to double the selections available for Homecoming 2K17! Options range in sizes 0 to 28 and will be stocked at both JJones locations in Weirton and Wheeling. Plus, we’re looking out for our freshmen JJones Girls by offering age appropriate dresses.

Get ready to see these fashion forward looks while you shop for your homecoming look!

1. Boho Style 

Bohemian inspiration takes over homecoming this year. This style includes flowy fabrics and unconventional designs. You’ll see a lot of paisley and floral patterns at your homecoming dance.

2. Rompers 

Elegant pieces include rompers this homecoming. They provide an unconventional option for anyone who wants to make a statement or who just doesn’t like the traditional skirts. 

3. Bell Sleeves 

Bell sleeves are taking many dresses to the next level. This unexpected element to a dress will scream fashion forward. 

4. Jewel Tones 

Expect the dress colors to really pop! Bright jewel tones are the preferred color palette. This trend will also be seen in the jewelry options at JJones.  

5. Choker Collars 

You won’t need a necklace for many dresses this homecoming thanks to choker collars accenting a lot of looks. Turn to the right earrings and bangles to add jewelry if you choose a dress with a choker collar. 

Kelly Camarote Greathouse became a JJones Girl while shopping for her bridal gown. Kelly  lives in Weirton with her husband Sam Greathouse. They married at the Barn on Enchanted Acres in Dennison, Ohio on March 25, 2017. They have a 5-year-old German Shepherd named Harley. 


So MANY Prom Gowns! So LITTLE Time!

By Kelly Camarote Greathouse

Each teen who enters high school as a freshman believes their senior will never arrive.  But it does! And that’s the year that really counts when picking the perfect prom gown. 

Here’s a recap of the top picks many of our seniors made as they celebrate prom at their high school for the last time.   

1. Florals 

Flower power goes to a whole new level with this year’s prom gowns. The result is a beautiful array of color in various types of fabrics. These gowns don’t need anything extra to distract us from the bold prints. It’s the perfect statement gown for a senior’s last prom. 

2. Pants 

Who says pants are only for a JJones Guy? This year, the ladies are choosing fashion forward options and that definitely includes pants. Many pants options include trains although it’s not a necessary component. No matter how the pants are worn they’re all looking great!

3. Rompers 

Rompers are taking the seniors by storm! These looks provide an edge that other gown options have a hard time providing. We are stunned by the sophisticated styles from our top designers that provide beautiful options for our ladies who like to break the rules when it comes to fashion. 

4. Ball Gowns 

A lot of our seniors are going with what some consider “traditional options” by wearing ball gowns to their senior prom. But DON’T confuse traditional with boring! JJones Girls are anything but boring. These ball gowns come in a wide array of styles and colors. Our ball gown babes are choosing to remember their magical prom night dressed like beautiful princesses on the inside and the outside.

5. Accessories in Gunmetal Grey 

Right now, the hot accessories come in Gunmetal Grey. Designers are actually making dresses with colors that are enhanced by this edgy and beautiful look. We expect gunmetal grey to be the go-to accessory color for Homecoming 2017!

We’ll have more details on next year’s styles in our Forecast for Homecoming 2017 next week! We’re here to keep all our JJones Guys and Girls fashion forward for every special event!  

Kelly Camarote Greathouse became a JJones Girl while shopping for her bridal gown. Kelly  lives in Weirton with her husband Sam Greathouse. They married at the Barn on Enchanted Acres in Dennison, Ohio on March 25, 2017. They have a 5-year-old German Shepherd named Harley. 


Always a J. Jones Guy

By Kelly Camarote Greathouse

The days of prom being only for the ladies are over! A JJones Guy wants to be just as unique and fashion forward as the beautiful JJones Girl on his arm. And he definitely can be!  

JJones Evening Wear features tuxedo styles from three of the largest companies on the east coast. They include Michael Kors, Calvin Klein and Joseph Abboud. Plus, there a wide array of options from other designers as well.   

Here’s what your handsome JJones Guy needs to think about as he tries to coordinate his perfect prom look with your beautiful gown.  

1. Think about mixing up colors. 

Break tradition by mixing up the color of the jacket and the pair of pants that you wear. It’s a bold statement that can set you apart from the crowd. 

2. Options are reasonably priced. 

Looking good doesn’t need to break your budget. Options easily start at $129 when finding your tux through JJones. 

3. Burgundy, navy and classic black suits lead top fashion trends this year. 

These colors take your prom look to a whole new level. Just make sure the color you choose will match what your date wears. 

4. Cool shoes and pocket squares that pack a punch are a must. 

Right now polka dots, plaids and florals are a hit. You can find full sets that include ties and pocket squares at JJones. 

5. Cognac and brown shoes pair nicely with navy and grey suits. 

This combo is a top pick. It’s the perfect way to be unique while still matching your date’s look. 

Kelly Camarote Greathouse lives in Weirton with her husband Sam Greathouse. They have a 5-year-old German Shepherd named Harley. Kelly became a JJones Girl after purchasing her bridal gown and accessories for her wedding on March 25, 2017. 


Prom Dress Shopping 101

By Kelly Camarote Greathouse

Excitement is growing at J. Jones Evening Wear as more and more girls say yes to beautiful gowns for prom. Walk in the store and you’ll see every personality type. Some girls are shy and then light up with the right gown sparkling with confidence while feeling beautiful. Some have all the confidence in the world and the dress merely enhances their lively spirit.   

I enlisted the help of the staff at J. Jones to find out some tips that may help any lady find the dress of her dreams for her special night!  

1. Know your style before you walk in the door. 

When you take those first steps to find your gown, you’ll feel overwhelmed. There are so many dresses and so many different styles. Try to narrow down what you like before shopping. If you do your homework now, picking a dress and a style will be easier.  

2. Bring trusted family and friends. 

The people who accompany you to shop for a gown need to be your closest family and friends. You need to trust that they’ll be honest as you work to find something that is going to enhance your natural beauty. 

3. Find the right fit. 

Everyone’s body is different. Certain styles look right on me and certain ones just don’t. Make sure to find something that is going to flatter your shape. 

4. Keep an open mind. 

I’ve gone into finding a gown with an exact idea in my head of what I want and then going in a completely different direction. It’s ok to change your mind through the process. Allow yourself the ability to take a risk and go with the flow. 

5. Relax.

No matter what gown you choose you’ll be beautiful. Let your beauty shine from the inside out. Just enjoy the shopping experience. I know the staff at JJones will ensure you have a good and relaxing time.   

Kelly Camarote Greathouse lives in Weirton with her husband Sam Greathouse. They have a 5-year-old German Shepherd named Harley. They tied the knot at the Barn on Enchanted Acres on March 25, 2017. 


Love, Bliss and a New Last Name

By Kelly Camarote Greathouse

Since waking up on Sunday, I've been getting used to my new last name. Greathouse! Kelly Greathouse. I always knew I'd want to take my husband’s last name. But it just feels weird! My maiden name was with me for more than 30 years! I wonder how long it will take to get used to this new last name.   

So far, that’s the only difficult part of this new chapter of my life. Many of people focus on the pitfalls of marriage and try to convince others to run away from the legal commitment. Although I haven't seen anything to support that yet, I have encountered situations with the wedding planning that could have been handled differently. Here are the tips I wish I would have observed.  

1. Don’t fear the “Bridezilla.” 

Through the entire wedding planning process, I feared being a bride that everyone would hate. I continually worried that my bridesmaids were spending too much, that my family was being asked to travel too far and that my wedding would be a hardship on those I love. No one wants to be labeled a “Bridezilla!” You don’t want people involved with your big day regretting the decision to participate. Chances are if you worry about any of these things, you are not a bridezill. So no one will regret helping you and being apart of the best day of your life.   

2. A reception with Kids? Or NO Kids? That’s the question!

Sam and I love kids! We want to have at least two of them when the time is right. That time is not now. Being that we are not at that point in our life, we chose to have a kid-free reception. There was only one youngster at the wedding, our 5 year old nephew, David. We knew he would behave. Plus, there would be enough kid wranglers in our family to ensure proper guidance if David did wander astray. You will see all kinds of reactions if you choose to have a kid-free reception including people who don’t ask, people who ask and are offended you don’t want their child there, and people who are happy to get rid of their child for the night. I encourage you to refer to number one and stay true to what you and your future husband want.   

3. Don’t let potential weather woes get you down! 

Don’t stress over the things you can’t control. Weather is definitely one of those thingd. It’s going to rain or snow whether you worry about it or not. Have a backup plan and move on. That to-do list is long. So you don’t have time to focus on the weather.   

4. Everyone loves a good cookie table.

I’m originally from Crabtree, PA. It’s east of Pittsburgh and my parents still say, ‘Worsh,’ instead of the proper pronunciation of wash. That’s why the cookie table is a must in my neck of the woods. Looking back, I should have put someone else in charge of organizing who baked cookies rather than myself. Something requiring so much organization can go a lot smoother when a bride delegates the responsibility. Find as many chores to delegatenas possible. Those who love you want to help. Plus, it will make life easier for you and your future husband.   

5. Find vendors that put you first. 

The vendors you choose can make or break your special day. I can confidentially say I didn’t have to worry about anything the day of my wedding. It’s all because of the site (Barn on Enchanted Acres in Dennison, Ohio), the caterer (The Western Grill located near the venue) and JJones Evening Wear in Weirton. Find vendors that are passionate about creating a day that will honor your commitment and love for your future husband in a way that you’ve always wanted. My vendors were incredible and helped make our day perfect!   

Kelly Camarote Greathouse lives in Weirton with her husband Sam Greathouse. They have a 5-year-old German Shepherd named Harley. They tied the knot at the Barn on Enchanted Acres on March 25, 2017. 


The Final Stretch

By Kelly Camarote

It's finally here! It's the week before I marry my best friend! It's been months of preparation, although it doesn't feel like that now. I think I blinked and now the wedding week is here. 

When you tell someone that you're a bride, they'll throw all kinds tips and suggestions your way. I've graciously accepted any and all help offered. I know it comes from a good place. They want the day to be perfect. And it will be. In this monumental week of my life, I'm doing my best to follow these rules.  

1. Just breathe! 

The end goal is gonna happen! No matter what Sam and I will be married at the end of this whole thing. Everything else is just details. I promise to breathe. 

2. Find some ME time! 

I will enjoy this experience and live in the moment. The best way to reach that goal is thru some ME time. ME time will allow a reset on any stress I may encounter. 

3. Hit the mute button on other opinions and voices! 

Lots of questions will be thrown at me this week. And everyone will have an opinion about my answers. I promise to be patient and remember that others have the best intentions when they make suggestions. 

4. Keep making healthy choices!

I've struggled through this whole journey to make healthy lifestyle choices. Working out, getting enough sleep and eating right took a back seat to dealing with the wedding stress at times. I will do my best to make good choices because it will help me in this marathon week! 

5. Come up with a plan…. then toss it out and roll with the punches! 

I accept the fact that my plans are going to encounter some road blocks. Although I've tried to plan ahead with plans A, B and C, I’m confident that at some point I’ll need plans X, Y or Z. 

Kelly Camarote lives in Weirton with her fiancé Sam Greathouse. They have a 5-year-old German Shepherd named Harley. On March 25, 2017, they will be married at the Barn on Enchanted Acres. 


The Scale: A Bride’s Worst Nightmare


By Kelly Camarote 

Practically every bride says it. “I’m gonna lose ___ lbs before the wedding.” Then life gets in the way. The full-time job of planning a wedding takes over every free moment of your life. You eat, drink and sleep all things wedding. The stress may influence your good intentions to eat right and exercise daily.   

This week, I'll meet with my seamstress for my final fitting. That first fitting stressed me to the max. I imagined zippers that wouldn't close, not being able to sit down and holding my breathe through the whole wedding. My fears were unfounded. That's why I can stand by my rules to ensure my dress fit several months after it was ordered.

1. Don't stress! 

Seamstresses are pros. In my experience, they've been able to fix my biggest dress fiascos encountered with proms and being a bridesmaid. A good seamstress will be able to tackle any problem or refer you to a fellow alteration-god with expertise in handling specific challenges with your dress situation. 

2. Try to keep sweets and alcohol consumption in check. 

Although the seamstress may be good, they don't need pressure if it can be avoided. I tried to watch my choices when it came to sweets leading up to the wedding. I also cut back on drinking adult beverages. 

3. Hop on the treadmill. 

Exercise helps control weight. Plus, it keeps stress at bay.I tried to get to the gym at least a couple times a week. When I slipped, I made sure to forgive myself and just do better the next day. 

4. Trust your bridal consultant. 

They have experience in properly sizing you for your gown. They'll encourage you to order the size you are currently wearing. If you are able to lose all that weight you intend to lose, alterations will customize your exact fit. It's always easier to take a dress in rather than add material to a dress. Also, they work with the manufacturers and know which products may run small. 

5. Beware of the store with sale prices too good to be true. 

Some places will offer sales and cheap dress options to later inflate the cost of alterations. Thankfully, that didn't happen at JJones. My gown price was way under my budget and my alteration quote was less than $100 even though my dress was slightly larger than me since I stuck to my goals and plan to make my dress fit come wedding day!


The Complicated Color Wheel

By Kelly Camarote 

New homeowners typically paint all the rooms of their new purchase before they move into their home. I didn't. It took a whole year for me to overcome the complicated color wheel and land on the right paint combinations.

A million different shades and tints accompany each primary AND secondary color.  Choosing just one color becomes a major hurdle. These tips helped me navigate the color wheel with ease while choosing a main wedding color.

1. Be inspired by your venue. 

The general theme of the wedding will fall into place once the venue is secured. For example, my groom and I will be married at the Barn on Enchanted Acres. As the name suggests, the venue has a rustic theme. Plus, the owners allow each bride access to a room full of rustic decor and table settings to help make the day special. I purposely picked colors that would align well with the venue to make decorating easier.

2. Take the date of your wedding into consideration. 

The season can cement your color choice. I love coffee colored bridesmaids dresses, but I am getting married in March. Typically, there are no leaves on trees in March. If we take pictures outside, my bridesmaids could blend in with the background while wearing brown. Jewel tones seem to provide the perfect contrast for my wedding and that time of year.

3. Allow yourself the time to explore multiple options. 

You could fall in love with something completely out of your comfort zone. I confidently landed on eggplant because I kept getting drawn to it over several weeks. Eggplant was just one of several color schemes I considered. 

4. Look to your everyday style for guidance. 

You'll find inspiration in your house, and especially in your closet. Most likely, you'll pick a wedding color that you wear most often. As you can guess, there's a good bit of dark purple shades in my wardrobe. 

5. Keep your overall goal in mind. 

Above all else, I wanted each of my bridesmaids to feel amazing. Their body types vary and I knew that most would feel best in a dark color. In the end, that's why eggplant was the best choice for our special day.


So MANY Details, So LITTLE Time!

By Kelly Camarote 

Picking the right wedding gown was a challenge until realizing I needed to find the right accessories. From the veil and headpiece, to the belts and shoes, the accessory combinations were endless! I turned to one of the fashion greats for inspiration!

Giorgio Armani is quoted as saying, “To create something exceptional your mindset must be relentlessly focused on the smallest detail.” So I started my search for accessories armed with Armani’s advice, and then discovered these tips along the way.

1. All the extras can take your wedding gown to the next level.

That was the case with my dress. I tried on the gown at the suggestion of my consultant. On the hanger, the dress felt rather plain. With a belt, the dress morphed into a masterpiece! Add the veil and the look created tears on my face, my Mother’s face and my Maid of Honor’s face.

2. Know what accessories will flatter your look.

Just like there are multiple types of dresses, there are multiple types of belts...and veils….and shoes….and hairpieces….and the list goes on. Try several different types of each accessory to determine which one is going to compliment your style.

3. Pops of color could be the perfect way to shine.

Colorful accessories may allow a bride to show her unique style while staying true to a traditional bridal look. Plus, it could tie the bridal gown to the bridesmaids’ dresses.

4. Oftentimes, less is more.

You want to wear the accessories, rather than having the accessories, or the dress, wear you. You'll know when you've gone overboard. And if you have any question, turn to those you trust: your family, your bridesmaids, and of course your bridal consultant.

5. “Confidence is the best fashion accessory.”

This last tip comes from British Fashion Designer, Vivienne Westwood. Without a doubt, you will be radiant with any outfit. That's true on your wedding day, and each day before and after! So rock whatever you choose! 


The Good...The Bad...The Ugly of Wedding Gown Shopping

By Kelly Camarote

At my age, I’ve been a bridesmaid in my fair share of weddings. The job includes helping find the dress that defines a bride’s walk down the aisle. That’s why I felt prepared to find my own wedding dress when my fiance popped the question in August at Myrtle Beach.

JJones Evening Wear was my first stop after Sam and I found our wedding venue. Jill and the entire JJones staff stood by me through the entire process. So I definitely felt honored when Jill asked me to share details about my experience in this blog, the guide to being a JJones Girl.

Even with all my experience searching for dresses, these are the tips I wish someone would have shared with me before I went shopping for the most important dress of my life!  

1. Make an appointment.

Ask any of my friends. I am not a pre-planner. So making an appointment goes against my spontaneous nature. But shopping for a dress is not the time to be spontaneous. Whether you come with one person or with a big entourage, you want to try on several dresses without feeling rushed. Plus, an appointment allows the consultants to prepare with several options you may like before you arrive. At JJones, I tried on at least 10 different gowns to ensure I could say, “Yes!” with confidence.  

2. Keep an open mind.

I had modeled dresses for JJones in a local bridal show before searching for my dress. I thought one of the dresses I had modeled was “the one!” I tried that dress on during my appointment and I still loved it.  But I didn’t stop with that dress. I tried on a ball gown, a fit-and-flare, an A-line and a mermaid. I went after dresses with colored tulle just to see how those would feel. It quickly became clear that the silhouette I landed on worked best for my shape.  Although I didn’t pick the dress I modelled in the bridal show, I picked the dress that was perfect for me.   

3. Add accessories.

Dresses can look completely different when you add the right accessories. That sure was the case when I found my dress. The dress is simple. But add a belt and the wow factor goes through the roof! 

4. You will cry when you put on the veil. 

Get ready for it! When you put on the veil, you will get teary-eyed. It happens to the best of us. It was the way I knew I had found the right dress.  Remember, there are various options when it comes to veils. They include blusher veils, cathedral veils, shoulder length veils and so many more. So explore the options that will work for you. 

5. Be honest with your consultant and trust them. 

This is the most important tip I can give you. Be honest with your consultant. They are truly experts when it comes to everything related to your bridal outfit. Whether it’s your budget or how you feel about the look of a dress, tell them all about your concerns. They are there to help you from start to finish.  Plus, trust them when they suggest ordering a certain size, even if it’s bigger than the size you think you’ll be on your wedding day. It’s easier to make alterations than to rely on losing those couple extra pounds.